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USST Students Win a Second Prize in the NACTranS

June 5, 2024

From May 25th to May 26th, the finals of the 19th National Competition of Transport Science and Technology for Undergraduate Students (NACTranS for short) was held at Chang’an University, Shaanxi Province. Two teams under the guidance of Li Wenxiang, Dong Jieshuang, and Liu Weiwei from the School of Business, USST, as well as one team under the guidance of Liu Zhe and Gao Dawei from the School of Mechanical Engineering, reaped further achievements and won a second prize and two third prizes nationwide.
The NACTranS is the largest and most influential national college student technology competition project in the field of transportation in China. It is also recognized by USST as an A-class disciplinary competition included in the evaluation of the China Association of Higher Education, aiming to promote technological innovation and development in the field of transportation. The theme of this competition is “Armed with innovation, high quality development is bound to win the future.” Sponsored by the China Communications and Transportation of Association and the China Institute of Communications Education, and hosted by Chang’an University, the Higher Education Professional Committee of the China Communications and Transportation of Association, and the Deans Branch of the China  China Institute of Communications Education. This year, a total of 1,186 entries from 159 universities across the country have signed up for the competition, covering all aspects of the transportation industry. After internal selections and recommendations by various participating institutions of higher education, as well as double-blind online evaluation in the national preliminary competition, 242 works from 97 colleges or universities advanced to the finals, with a qualifying rate of only 20%.
From March 28th to April 15th, the School of Business took the lead in organizing the 19th NACTranS USST Campus Selection Competition. After preliminary evaluation, a total of 8 groups of works from different tracks were recommended to participate in the national preliminary competition. After nationwide online reviews, three teams from USST stood out and advanced to the national finals. During the finals, under the guidance of the university’s faculty, the participating teams all stood out in their respective defenses.
The excellent results USST achieved in this competition are the results of all the participating students and their guides who have invested a lot of time and energy. It is also inseparable from the strong support and material guarantee of such departments as the School of Business, the School of Mechanical Engineering, and the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This fully reflects the great attention USST has paid to the cultivation of innovative talents and its great achievement.

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