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SEPE Students from USST Win the Special Prize in Shanghai College Students Contest on Energy Saving & Emission Reduction

June 9, 2024

On May 25th, sponsored by the Social Practice and Technology Competition Committee of Shanghai College Students on Energy Saving & Emission Reduction under the guidance of  Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the finals of the First “Zhongtian Technology Cup” Shanghai College Students Social Practice and Technology Competition on Energy Saving & Emission Reduction, organized by Shanghai University of Electric Power and Shanghai Engineering Thermophysics Society, was held on the Lingang Campus of Shanghai University of Electric Power. This competition attracted the participation of 21 universities and colleges in Shanghai, receiving a total of 325 works from nearly 2,000 participants.
In this competition, students from USST have reaped a lot, including 1 special prize, 5 first prizes, 6 second prizes, and 5 third prizes. Among them, under the guidance of Professor Wang Jiayun from School of Energy and Power Engineering, the work “Air-Source Water-Taking Generator: Advanced Solar Hydroelectric Combined Production Air Water-Taking System”, designed by students such as Li Huiyan, Liu Kexin, He Yang, Xu Qianqian, and Zhang Xinqi, stood out to win a special prize. Based on the actual needs of global water resources development and energy shortage, as well as the urgent needs of sustainable development of energy conservation and emission reduction, this work has innovatively developed a new type of hydrogel salt composite adsorbent in response to the current research difficulties of the existing adsorbents in the world, such as low water vapor capture, high costs, and unstable circulation performance. While achieving the high efficiency of air water-intaking, it stably outputs green and pollution-free clean power, and applies it to the portable solar air source hydropower cogeneration system, forming a design scheme for the coupling of low-temperature driven air water-intaking technology and wet photovoltaic power generation technology. The work provides new ideas for achieving sustainable development of water resources, the development and utilization of renewable energy, and ultimately achieving low energy consumption and high returns on water and electricity supply. It has strong economic benefits and significant energy-saving and emission reduction effects.
Energy conservation and emission reduction are not only the requirements of the times, but also the call of the country for green development. The first Shanghai University Students Social Practice and Technology Competition on Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction is an important measure for university teachers and students in Shanghai to practice the “dual carbon” strategy and participate in ecological civilization construction. By fully tapping into entries with innovative consciousness and technology, it empowers and increases efficiency for green and low-carbon economic and social development. At the same time, the holding of the competition also lays the foundation for improving the quality of team projects and assisting in the further improvement of works.

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