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A Cooperative Innovation Center Approved

On December 6, the General Office of the Ministry of Education released the 2018 list of collaborative innovation centers under provincial and ministerial co-construction.  On the basis of local construction and recommendation, the Ministry of Education approved 59 collaborative innovation centers after experts’ evaluation and overall consideration, among them is the Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center of Terahertz Spectroscopy and Imaging Technology.


Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center of Terahertz Spectroscopy and Imaging Technology

The center was approved on the basis of Shanghai University Knowledge Service Platform (Shanghai Institute of Optical-Mechanical-Electrical Integrated Technology) and Shanghai Municipal Collaborative Innovation Center. Under the guidance of Shanghai Education Commission, the research and industrialization of THz technology in USST is headed by Zhuang Songlin, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The team considers the major needs of biomedicine, national defense and other fields as the driving forces and explores the market-oriented collaborative mode. Closely cooperating with other related universities, research institutes, enterprises and user units, they carry out multi-level and systematic collaborative innovation in terahertz spectroscopy-and-imaging-related core devices, system key technologies and their applications in biomedical and national defense.

Relying on such a platform, USST will further strengthen the core competence of terahertz spectroscopy and imaging technology to build an internationally leading and domestically first-class base of research, development and industrialization. With more leading innovation figures and engineering talents around, the school will provide strong support for the construction of a technological innovation center in Shanghai and boost the development of local economy.

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