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USST Held 2019 Sports Cultural Festival and Sports Meeting

May 24, 2019

On May 14, at No. 516 Jungong Road Campus, there was the 2019 Sports Cultural Festival and Sports Meeting. Leaders of USST were present at the opening ceremony which was chaired by Zhang Hua, Vice President of USST.

Ding Xiaodong, President of USST, delivered an opening speech

Zhang Hua, Vice President of USST chaired the opening ceremony

Ding Xiaodong, President of USST, delivered an opening speech. He pointed out that at the critical moment, building USST into a high-level university is guided by the principle of cultivating fully-grown and talented students, and all USSTers and we will remain true to the original aspiration and keep the mission firmly in mind, make efforts to enhance the construction of our campus culture, in particularly, to step up the reform of the sports curriculum, move forward the vigorous implementation of sports clubs & sunshine sports activities and keep cultivating high-quality and full-grown talents in morality, wisdom, fitness, physique & aesthetics, making students who hold greater dreams to run faster, jump higher and grow stronger --on a larger stage. The Sports Cultural Festival provides a chance for teachers and students to give full-play to their sports geniuses, release their enthusiasm for sports, and enjoy what competitions, struggles and successes bring, and they can break through and pursue excellence for a better result to pay tribute to the 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of the New China.

At the opening ceremony, led by the national flag guards, 19 teams successively waved at the rostrum. Year 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of establishment of New China, so different teams integrated many patriotic elements to the opening ceremony such as students’suits on May 4th, flowing boats on South Lake at Jiaxing, Red Army’s marching trumpets. Those reflected students’ deep patriotic feelings to USST. In addition, all schools fully demonstrate dtheir discipline characteristics. 3D -printed airplanes, 3 barriers to the immune system, 5G signal towels and other products directly reflected students’ thirst for knowledge. Faculty rhythmic radio exercise performance and Student military gymnastics revealed well-formed spirits of USSTers.

During athletics tournament, whether individually or collectively, athletes showed their struggling spirits in sports competition. In different team activities, all members joined their efforts and strived to be the first, which created a cooperative and struggling atmosphere where referees made fair judges, staff provided warm services and all audience screamed and cheered for matches.

Liu Daoping, the Deputy Secretary of USST, gave a closing speech. He pointed that this was a traditional grand activity at USST, which demonstrated sports elegance of USST’s faculties, students and staff, and also constructed a stage for all students to strive ahead, work together and move forward.

Liu Daoping, the Deputy Secretary of USST, gave a closing speech

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