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USST Welcomes Graduating Students back to Campus

April 29, 2020

From April 27th to 28th, USST saw the first batch of students including senior undergraduates and graduates return to campus. At the four gates of Jungong Campus of USST, the loudspeakers repeatedly reminded students to go through the special channel, and get ready with their ID card and health QR code, and have their temperature checked and then swipe their ID cards to enter the school campus. The volunteers helped to disinfect students’ luggage and guided them through the entry procedure within no more than one minute.

USST announced earlier that students are allowed to return to school from April 27th. Graduating postgraduates and undergraduates can come back before May. Other students can come back from May 6th. The dates for overseas students will be announced later.
Saying goodbye to a long winter vocation, students will lie in the arms of USST again.
At 9 a.m. on April 27th, Wang Wei, a senior student at the School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering was the first to arrive at No. 516, Jungong Road Campus. “The entry procedure is much stricter than expected, but I feel safer. Now I can finish my dissertation with the lab here. The pandemic has halted many things in life for a long time. I hope everything will revive like the spring comes.”
In the canteen, students have to line up in one direction to take meals. Packed meals are also served and students are encouraged to take food back to their dorms. When they eat in the canteen, they have to face in the same direction and keep a distance apart. Now, five canteens are open and their menus are put up in each dorm building so that students can choose their favorite dishes. In addition, three temporary stalls are also available and will supply milk and bread for students in need.

In the dorms, the management staff regularly ventilate the rooms and disinfect the floors, stairs, kitchen, handrails, doorknobs and other areas that students might use frequently.

There are population limits to the library. The population density is controlled, and the distance from each person should be at over one meter. Besides, the library also there has been established a youth pioneering team and party teacher volunteers that dredge and remind students on separate floors. On the big screen of the library, the entry number is clearly displayed, and the data is updated online simultaneously. Teachers and students can check the number of library flow on the library website, Wechat or by scanning the code.

The online reservation system for the school gym has been in a pilot run. From April 29th, some gym courts are available to faculty and students. “At the ping-pong table people should keep a distance from one another at 2 meters; each tennis court only allows two players; the number of persons in the fitness room is also controlled. I feel much better because all courts can be reserved online in advance,” said Zhang Xiang, a student from the School of Optical-electrical and Computer Engineering.
At the same time, the school also provides students with  protective packages including alcohol wipes, masks, thermometers, hand sanitizer, and notices for self-protection which have been put in the dormitory rooms.


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