International Cultural Park

Every ship that goes to Shanghai must pass within full view of the College; any thoughtful student on such a campus is compelled to live in a large world.

International Cultural Park

China’s first international cultural community on a university campus A new international cultural identity for a university with 100-year history


Shanghai International Cultural Park is located on the north campus of the University of Shanghai for Science & Technology (USST) on Jun Gong Road. USST is well-known in Shanghai. Its one hundred year history can be traced to the University of Shanghai founded in 1906 and Deutsche Eedizinschule founded in 1907. Many original buildings have been preserved and retained in the university, and are considered among the best-preserved historical buildings in the city. Six detached villas at the main campus on Jun Gong Road, built between 1907 and 1936, are former faculty residences. At present, they make up the Shanghai International Cultural Park. Currently, there are designated centers for Germany, America, Britain, Japan, Nordic-Baltic, Etc. Together they form a unique international cultural community on campus.


Australian Cultural Exchange Centre (ACEC)

Australian Cultural Exchange Centre (ACEC)

French Cultural Centre (FCC)

French Cultural Centre (FCC

Nordic-Baltic Culture Centre (NBCC)

The Nordic-Baltic Culture Centre (NBCC) is located in one of the original USST buildings, an historic three-storey house in the heart of the campus, which was unveiled in October 2013. The premise for the NBCC is based around the cultural exchange programmes between USST and its Nordic-Baltic counterparts.The NBCC consists of five countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Estonia; which all have highly developed economic and educational standards, and are home to The University of Oslo, University of Copenhagen, University of Gothenburg, and the University of Tartu, among other prest...

Japanese Cultural Centre(JCC)

Founded on 29th October 2011, the Japanese Culture Centre (JCC) offers a platform for faculty members and students at USST to experience and engage in the cultures of both China and Japan. The centre upholds three key principles for its various events: to serve all students, facilitate the international development of the university, and promote friendly exchange between China and Japan.

German Cultural Exchange Centre (GCC)

The German Cultural Exchange Centre (GCC) is located at building 201-202 of the Hujiang International Culture Park, and located at the USST campus, 516 Jungong Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai. It was unveiled in December 2009, and started operating in October 2011. Thanks to a series of successful events, organized since the spring of 2012, the GCC has received a very positive response from Shanghai citizens, and those interested in German culture.

British Cultural Centre (BCC)

The British Cultural Centre (BCC) was constructed on 29th October 2011; and designed by Crawford Mackenzie, a famous British architect, in a classic British style. The theme of the BCC has been defined as “The Light of Britain”; acting as a window into British culture, science and technology and to perform as an international platform for Sino-British cultural exchange. Its vision is to demonstrate the education, science and technology, culture, and customs of the UK, as well as offer students career and professional guidance for their future working lives.

American Culture Centre (ACC)

The American Culture Centre (ACC) at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) is housed in a 3-storey historic building in the centre of the university campus in eastern Shanghai. Originally designed by American architect Henry Killam Murphy in 1915, the building was renovated in 2008-2010 for use as a cultural centre. The interior design consultant was an American architect living in Shanghai, Andrew Sigfrids.

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