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Optical Engineering Discipline

The discipline of Optical Engineering of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, led by its PI Zhuang Songlin, the famous optical expert and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, can be traced back to the discipline of Optical Instruments established in 1960. In 1981, it was conferred the right to offer master's degree programs. In 1998, it was conferred the right to offer doctoral degree programs. In 2001, it was listed as a key discipline of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. In 2005, it was listed as key discipline of Shanghai. In 2007, the Optical Engineering Postdoctoral Research Station was set up. In 2009, the discipline was listed as the National Key Discipline (cultivating stage). In the same year, one of the doctoral dissertations of the discipline won the award of the Top 100 National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations. In 2012, another doctoral dissertation won the award nomination of the Top 100 National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations. In 2015, Optical Engineering was approved as “the Peak Discipline” of Shanghai and was rated as excellent in the “Peak Discipline” accreditation in 2017. The discipline ranked 10th (first in Shanghai) in the national discipline accreditation in 2012, and ranked B+ (first in Shanghai) in the fourth-round national discipline accreditation conducted by the Ministry of Education in 2017.

The discipline of Optical Engineering enjoys good facilities, including the Optical Instruments and System Engineering Center of Ministry of Education, Key laboratory of Photoelectric Precision Testing Technology for Machinery Industry, Shanghai Key Laboratory of Modern Optical System, Shanghai Ultra-Precision Optical Machining and Testing Service Platform etc. It is the President unit of China Instrument and Control Society, and the affiliated institution of China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Optical Instrument, National Standardization of Optics and Photonics Committee, Committee of Engineering Optics of Chinese Optical Society, Optical Instrument Branch of China Instrument and Control Society, China Instruments Manufactures Association.

The discipline boasts more than 80 faculty, including 81 PhD degree holders; over 30 returned oversea talents, accounting for more than 40% of the faculty; 44 professionals with senior academic titles, accounting for almost 50%; 45 young and middle-aged talents under 40 years old, accounting for more than 50% of the team members. Among all the team members, there is one academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. 32 are doctoral supervisors.

To keep up with the international development trend of optical engineering, and with the aid of all kinds of talent programs, the discipline is proactively engaged in introducing overseas or domestic outstanding talents. So far, it has successfully introduced many renowned professors. Principal Investigator


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