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Ultra-Precision Optical Manufacturing Team

The Research Team of Ultra-precision Optical Manufacturing led by Professor Zhuang Songlin, the Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Professor Zhang Dawei, focus on the frontier interdisciplinary study of Optofluidics, Nano-photonics, ultrafast optics and life science, and have been actively engaged in innovations. The discipline of optical engineering, to which the research team is affiliated, has been selected as one of the disciplines supported by the Peak Discipline Construction Scheme of Shanghai, and Shanghai First-Class University and Discipline Program.

Infrastructure facilities

The laboratory for the Research Team of Ultra-Precision Optical Manufacturing, was originally the micro-Nano optical laboratory founded in 2005 by Professor Zhuang Songlin, the Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. With unremitting efforts of its team members (both faculty and students), it has developed into a comprehensive laboratory that covers multi-discipline like optics, electronics, chemistry, materials, biology and control theory. It boasts such large-scale equipment as super-resolution Raman spectral imaging system, reactive ion beam etching system, femtosecond/nanosecond laser etching system, laser holographic exposure system, photocatalytic system, vacuum deposition system, CCD/CMOS imaging evaluation system, nonlinear optical testing system, the electrochemical workstation, and optical functional materials performance test platform, etc., installed in the building of the optical instrument research institute, super cleaned laboratory in the new building of the School of Optical Engineering and Computer Science, micro-Nano optical engineering laboratory and other laboratories. Both the laboratory staff and equipment have reached a considerable scale, ranking to the first-class level at both home and abroad.


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