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Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics Research Team

With the development of modern science and technology, the study of optics has achieved unprecedented precision in the space and time dimensions. In terms of time scale, optics has been extended into the femtosecond to attosecondregions. As the light pulse shortens in time domain, the peak power reaches the level of terawatt - petawatt. The ultrashort optical pulse excitation and ultrastrong field of optical pulses have greatly enriched and deepened the interaction between light and matters, giving rise to a new and promising discipline - ultrafast optics. Since its generation in the 1990s, the research content and scope of ultrafast optics have been constantly expanded and deepened, which is of great significance to the development of laser technology, spectroscopy and material structure analysis. At present, ultrafast nonlinear optics has become a cutting-edge subject and hot spot in the field of optics.

Research on ultrafast nonlinear optics mainly includes the generation and application of femtosecond-attosecond pulses, THz - visible light – XUV ultrafast laser technology, ultrafast and ultrastrong laser physics, ultrafast spectroscopy, sensitive detection based on ultrafast laser, as well as the interdisciplinary application of ultrafast laser technology, information science, material science, and life science etc. The 13th Five-Year Plan for Innovation of Science and Technology in Shanghai released in 2016 has included the research on laser device and related physical research as a vital part for consolidating the foundation of science and technology.


The Research Center for Optical Instrument and System Engineering of the Ministry of Education is equipped with public experimental platforms and equipment, including atomic force microscope, scanning electron microscope, corrosion electrochemical system, multi-function vacuum coating machine, magnetron sputtering machine, plasma-etching machine, E-beam evaporation system and so on. Having been engaged in ultrafast nonlinear optics and ultrastrong laser field physics for a long time, the team has owned super clean laboratories and 20 precision optical platforms. It has purchased the high-power fiber laser, femtosecond lasers, polarization maintaining optical fiber fusion splicer, optical fiber spectrometer, high-precision spectrum analyzer, autocorrelation, kilowatt power meter, instrument and equipment such as high-precision stepper motor. Such products as fiber lasers, single-photon detectors and quantum cryptographic device, developed by the team have been commercialized.





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