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National Experiment Teaching Center for Modern Publishing and Printing

Originating from the printing laboratory founded in the 1950s, the experiment teaching center for modern publishing and printing was established in 2002. In 2007, the center was granted the title of “Shanghai Municipal Demonstration Center for Experiment Teaching”. In 2008, the center was approved as a national demonstration experiment teaching center in construction, and the construction was finished in 2013.

Relying closely on publishing, printing, media and art design industries, the center adheres to the concept of “strengthening the foundation, broadening the areas of the major, enhancing practice and focusing on innovation”. It has scientifically constructed three levels of experiment, namely, “basic experiment, comprehensive experiment and innovative experiment”, and a systematic experiment teaching design with four modules covering “creative planning, information digitalization, printing and reproduction/composite publishing, and modern dissemination”, which can satisfy the experiment teaching need of cultivating high-quality undergraduate talents of the publishing and printing majors.

The center mainly serves the three disciplines of engineering, literature and fine arts of our college, involving 9 departments and 10 majors. In addition, it also serves the need of the general education of undergraduate and postgraduate students both inside and outside the university. On average, every year more than 3000 undergraduate or graduate students enjoy the service here. The center offers more than 160 experimental courses, of which 24 are offered separately. The total experiments amount to 310.

The center also provides support for innovative and entrepreneurial projects of college students. At the same time, it provides experimental equipment and environment support for undergraduates’ graduation project and thesis. In 2017, there were 1677 class hours for undergraduates’ graduation projects and thesis experiments.

With 25 laboratories, 2049 pieces of equipment, and a general asset of 53.01 million yuan, the center now has a total building area of 6090 square meters.


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