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Shanghai Research Center for Food Microbiology Engineering and Technology (SRCFMET)

Established on June 1, 2016, Shanghai Research Center for Food Microbiology Engineering and Technology (SRCFMET) is affiliated to University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST), and it is in partnership with Shanghai Jiao Da Onlly Co., Ltd. SRCFMET is actively engaged in three research fields: food microbial selection and function assessment; key technologies for food microbial preparation; and fermented food research and development. Since its establishment, the Center has played an important role in boosting the development of domestic food industry and the fermented food industry in particular in such research fields as large-scale screening of  food microorganisms; accurate classification and identification of strains; function assessment of excellent strains; high-density fermentation of microorganisms; expansion of fermentation engineering; cultivation of highly active strains, and industrial application of excellent strains.

The objectives of SRCFMET:  

To establish a highly efficient screening model for food microorganisms; to obtain a batch of food micro-organisms with independent intellectual property rights; to improve the microbial strain bank; to complete the assessment and analysis of some selected strains in terms of their biological  and functional characteristics, and their functional mechanisms; to make breakthroughs in the integration of key techniques in food microbial processing and industrial production to realize the purpose of product exploration and wide industrial production.

To uplift the ability to engage in local and national development and industrial production of food microbes; to build a platform for innovation in food microbial development and industrial production in China and to narrow the gap between China and advanced countries in fields of food microbial technology and industrial production, hence enabling China in peer with its international counterparts.


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