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Key Laboratory of Digital Communication Science of the State Administration of Journalism

The Key Laboratory of Digital Communication Science, approved by the former State Administration of Journalism, was the first key laboratory of its kind established at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology in October 2006. Under the direct leadership of the State Administration of Journalism, and with the support of the College of Communication and Art Design of USST, and its key discipline----digital communication and the modern experimental teaching center as its solid basis, the laboratory has been devoted to multidimensional research on new fundamental, innovative experiments, product design, system development, technical standards making and testing, communication effectiveness testing, digital media evaluation, user experience evaluation, new media audience, and decision-making consultation for digital publication and new media communication. By aggregating the advantages of multi-disciplines such as journalism, digital publishing, digital communication, digital printing, online new media, cultural and creative design, computer science, intelligent manufacturing, e-commerce, management science and engineering, it has been carrying out scientific cooperation with enterprises in R&D of technology and providing consultation services.

Facilities and equipment in the key laboratory:

The Key Laboratory consists of 16 laboratories, namely, New Media and Composite Publishing Laboratory, Digital Publishing Media Evaluation Laboratory, Eye-movement Experiment and Communication Effect Evaluation Laboratory, User Experience and Behavior Observation Laboratory, Multimedia Editing Laboratory, Interactive Media Design Laboratory, Network Editing and Communication Laboratory, Streaming Media Laboratory, Mobile Platform Communication Laboratory, Publishing Resource Management Laboratory, Digital Printing Laboratory, Color Management Laboratory, Print Quality Testing Laboratory, Digital Creative Laboratory, Film and Television Post-production Laboratory, and All-Media Advertising Experiment Room. It boasts advanced digital communication experimental equipment and systems, the total investment in laboratory construction exceeding 30 million yuan. The key Laboratory is equipped with the high-precision 3D scanner Ranger7, TOBBI eye-movement tracker and data analysis system, full-view user behavior observation and analysis system, Sobe nonlinear editing system, digital publishing experiment system, CAI multimedia video system, portable workstation, multimedia editing production system, multimedia technology development system, 3D motion capture instrument, digital camera, digital video camera, drones, fast Ethernet switching module, digital printing management system, color detection and management system, high performance PC and server workstation, CD burner, digital printing machines, offset printing/binding machines, die cutting machines, packaging machines, etc.


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