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Laboratory of High-efficiency Combustion and Ultra-low Emission of Coal (Gas) in Machinery Industry

The Key Laboratory of High-efficiency Combustion and Ultra-low Emission of Coal (Gas) of Machinery Industry, approved by China Machinery Industry Federation, was co-built in 2014, with University of Shanghai for Science and Technology as leading unit, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai Wisebond Technology Co., Ltd. as its collaborators. As an interdisciplinary innovation platform covering an area of over 1,500 m2, the laboratory, aiming at satisfying the major needs of our country and keeping up with the frontier research of energy, has been devtoed to research on the fossil energy power system and pollutant reduction. As a result, it passed the accreditation by China Machinery Industry Federation in 2017. The Laboratory boasts nearly 50 sets of advanced equipment, including a 20kg/h two-stage oxygen supply pressurized airflow gasification test bench, an ultra-supercritical pulverized coal combustion test bench, a multi-functional high-temperature drop tube furnace, a pulse burner, a circulating measurement and regulation system for hot air pipeline, a CO2 removal experimental system of 3m3/h membrane separation-chemical absorption combined methods, thermochemical transformation of microalgae and algae residue test bench. The total value of the equipment reached RMB 10 million.

The regulations for the management of the Key Laboratory of High-efficiency Combustion and Ultra-low Emission of Coal (Gas) of the Machinery Industry include the daily management regulations, the implementation rules of the director responsibility system, the working regulations of the technical committee, the regulations of the application for open projects, management and operation system of large-scale instruments and equipment, the library data management system, and the intellectual property protection system. For the easy access to its information, the website of the Key Laboratory is under development now. A complete system of rules and regulations serves as the basis for the efficient operation and healthy development of the laboratory.

1) The Key Laboratory is a relatively independent research entity. The Director is the Person in charge and the Laboratory adopts fixed and mobile personnel system.

2) The Key Laboratory adheres to the operating mechanism of “openness, mobility, unity, and competitiveness” and the people-oriented management principle to build a talent flow system for introducing professionals and mobile staffs by competitive mechanism, following the principle of openness, fairness and justice.

3) Sticking to opening up its research projects to outside world, and seeking cooperation with relevant universities and research institutes, the Key Laboratory will endeavor to cultivate and promote backbone teachers, strengthen the building of talent team and promoting academic atmosphere.

4) A unified management system for public use of the equipment of the Key Laboratory is implemented. The key laboratory equipment is specially staffed. The public platforms are set up for researchers to use the important instruments and equipment, and appropriate measures are taken to guarantee the proper use of the facilities.

5) Meetings are held regularly, and experts from both home and abroad are invited.

6) The administrator takes charge of cleaning the key laboratory.

7) All research funds shall be spent in accordance with the relevant regulations, and should not be used for other purposes.


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