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“Happy USST”Chinese New Year Banquet Held

January 18, 2020

On the afternoon of January 13, 2020, the “Happy USST" Chinese New Year Banquet was held at a small auditorium at USST.

A thematic video titled “Tributes to Dream Chasers” listed major USST events that occurred in 2019, which embodied the innovative spirit of USSTers as well as showed their perseverance in pursuing dreams, writing a glorious chapter in which USSTers were striving for a high-level university for science and technology with distinctive features.

Wu Jianyong, Secretary of the Party CPC Committee of USST, sent New Year’s greetings. He first expressed his sincere thanks and blessings to our leaders, cooperative units, retired former leaders, old comrades, alumni at home and abroad, all friends who have supported and paid attention to the development of USST for so long, as well as all the teachers, students and staff of USST. He pointed out that over the past year, under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s “New Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era”, USST has carried out in-depth education with the theme of “remaining true to our original aspiration, keeping our mission firmly in mind”, fully adhering to the leadership of the CPC, and insisting on the fundamental task of “enhancing morality and fostering talents”, and have kept pushing ahead the comprehensive reform of the “three-wide education”. All USST teachers and students have united together and worked hard to build a high-level university with distinctive features with wisdom and strength. Wu Jianyong noted that the year 2020 would be of a milestone of significance. The high-level university construction will usher in a new round of the harvest. All USSTers should be resolute in producing talents for the CPC Party and the country, and seizing the day to tackle different difficulties with continuous efforts, making themselves feel more peaceful at work, more comfortable in life, and more confident about the future.

 Wu Jianyong, Secretary of the Party CPC Committee of USST, sent New Year’s greetings

Afterwards, Wu Jianyong along with all school leaders sent their heartfelt New Year’s greetings to all guests, teachers and students, alumni at home and abroad and all friends.
The awarding ceremony was held at the banquet in praise of departments which made remarkable achievements in 2019.

During the banquet, USST President Ding Xiaodong sang a song called “The Most Beautiful Song for Mothers” with a teacher from the Music Department of Hujiang College which livened the whole banquet. All leaders, guests, teacher and student representatives present enjoyed the performances in various forms including: crosstalk, conjuring, instrumental ensemble, dancing and so on. At last, the banquet ended with an auspicious and peaceful atmosphere.

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