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USST Students Back to Campus Life

May 11, 2020 | By Zhang Liu, Li Rui | 张柳

Preparing for the second round of the Graduate Entrance Examination in the library, doing graduation design in the laboratory and preparing for online interviews in the dorm...as students came back to school one after another, the USST campus took on a new vigorous look.
Arriving at USST at 7 p.m. after 8 hours of traveling 1700 kilometers, Cong Yue, a senior student of the School of Optical-electrical and Computer Engineering came back from inner Mongolia and was struck by a sense of security when he entered the school with the strict prevention and control measures taken by USST, which relieved his fatigue brought by the long trip. Cong planned to prepare for her graduation design. As graduation is drawing near, she felt reluctant to leave USST. The dorm management personnel seemed to talk more, and always carefully instructed students to wear masks to protect themselves. Campus life is in order. With a “One table for one person; Sit in the same direction” slogan, the canteen looked more like an examination room. More prevention and control measures can be seen everywhere, such as hand sanitizer in public areas, and prevention reminders on electronic screens.

Li Bincheng, a senior student of the School of Energy and Power Engineering, was stationed in the library after returning to USST. He found that there are some changes in the library. Seats were rearranged, each of which was kept at a one-meter distance from another one. Everyone needs to have their temperature taken before entering. A hand-washing machine has been provided at the entry. The entry flow is displayed on a big screen. Faculty volunteers patrolled at times to guide and remind students of taking prevention and control measures. Tiny changes in the library made Li feel safer. He developed the habit of taking a glance at the entry flow every day when he went to the library.

In the Comprehensive Building, Hou Jie, a senior student of the School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering prepared for an internship. Several days ago, he received an offer from an alumni at the enterprise Shanghai Zhuodao Medical Technology Co., Ltd. The successful job hunting results from a “resume roster”. Counselor Guo Hongbao created an online employment group to promote the employment of graduates. She collected students’ resumes and spent a lot of time helping each student to revise their resumes. All revised resumes will be bound into a “resume roster” and sent to a recruitment company. “Actually, we have precisely brought our professional advantages near to the needs of the enterprise. When Zhuodao Medical contacted me through the ‘resume roster’, I quickly make my decision.”

In the laboratory of the College of Communication and Art design, Xu Yue, who is a senior student, was occupied at the experimental instruments. The prevention and control measures on campus are strict but make her feel at ease to do her experiments. Apart from experiments, various online courses, lectures and tutorials also enriched her campus life. During the May Day holiday, USST held May Day “Career Navigation” Week with the help of various career planning studios, where she learned a lot.

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