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Forge ahead in the New Era -- To 2020 USST Graduates

June 23, 2020 | By Zhuang Ziling | Copyedited by Zhang Liu

On the morning of June 19th, the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Commencement and Degree Conferral 2020 was held in the auditorium on the Jungong Rd. Campus. On the premise of epidemic prevention and control, was the simultaneous mode of the main venue and sub-venue. Also, cloud-live-streaming was adopted for the ceremony. The main venue was set in the auditorium while the sub-venue was set in other venues at schools and colleges. Graduates who have not returned to school could watch the ceremonial scene on the “cloud” platform.

The commencement began with the National Anthem. During their four-year campus life, these seniors studied diligently, worked assiduously and forged ahead with their determination, and made a series of outstanding achievements. They finally handed in their brilliant answer-sheets for their university careers, and also won the great honor for USST.

On behalf of all seniors, Zhu Jiacheng, undergraduate of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Tang Xi, graduate of the School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering and Professor Zhang Dawei from the School of Optical-Electrical Computer Engineering and on behalf of all the faculties and staff, made their speeches respectively. Wei Jie, who graduated in Mechanical Engineering and Automation with a master’s degree in 2001, a bachelor’s degree in 2006 and now is the CEO of Shanghai Jingzhi Industrial Co., also delivered a speech. Then, graduates of 2020 walked onto the rostrum in turn and solemnly received their diplomas and degrees from the leaders and academicians and after turned their tassels.

Ding Xiaodong, President of USST, delivered a speech entitled “Forge Ahead in the New Era”. He said, in the hard times of fighting against the epidemic, our country and people have won a victory in just a few months with our national spirit of resilience. He encouraged graduates to work hard to fight challenges, refuel themselves and strive for their dreams when facing difficulties in the future. Opportunities always come to those who are prepared and only the strivers who are always ready to seize opportunities can make breakthroughs in the process of change. The wave of digitalization and intellectualization is surging forward along with the new technological revolution. Graduates need to seek new occupations, adapt to new demands, learn from books and practices and develop new thinking and skills to be useful talents in this post-epidemic era.

Ding Xiaodong, President of USST, delivered a speech entitled “Forge Ahead in the Post-epidemic Era”

There were 12 sub-venues for this year’s commencement where every school presented graduates with a customized graduation ceremony.
The Business School collected a few photos of students from various departments. Bit by bit memories of USST came back to the graduates in the form of scrolls. The memories of youth made teachers and students sigh with emotions.

The College of Communication and Art Design created an outdoor commencement. When the graduates walk into the scene, they would see two graduate photo walls with their admission and graduation photos, which recorded their growth during the four years of university.

The college of Science customized the postcards of USST, written by the secretary of the College Party Committee, giving  party members among graduates as  gifts. The graduates were also presented with unique DIY bags made of different shapes of embroidered cloth as well as canvas bags of different colors.

At the graduation ceremony of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Chen Jiajie, Li Yang and Zhao Yahui, three of these graduating students, came on stage to express their gratitude to their supervisors. They talked about the professional guidance and meticulous care they received from their supervisors for scientific research in the past three years. All the “Thank You” demonstrates their sincere feelings.

The School of Marxism held a warm face-to-face graduation ceremony. More than 30 graduates sat with their supervisors, chatting about their warm memories and looking forward to a bright future. The supervisors sent their best wishes to the students who are about to embark on a new journey through hand-written postcards.

Some schools also designed “cloud graduation photos” for graduates, such as cute cartoon characters,  group photos with school landmarks, and class photos with head portraits...All these could make up for some graduates’ the regret that theycould not return to school to take photos, leaving them a customized USS Tmemory.

For these graduating students, two of them shared their memorable experiences in USST. Here in USST, they have learnt China and Chinese. Here in USST, we have witnessed your laughter, your tears, your honor and your youth.

Chinese language memories were really unforgettable, my sincere gratitude and thanks to my Chinese language teachers; understanding Chinese mandarin was pretty challenging.Being In china, a totally different culture, I had to do my best to do my best to fit into this new culture. Am really grateful to the International Student’s office, the Cultural trips organized were of great importance. I can vividly remember the nice moments ,the joy and happiness during those trips.

Okech Emmanuel, Kenya, Hujiang College

On stepping to USST Campus, I was intoxicated by the appealing Environment. Over the period of five years here I have experienced and I do appreciate the undying efforts and guidance by the Teachers. I furthermore cherish the different ravishing places within the school. Every day within the Campus has always been peculiar and shall always be a recitation within my mind. It’s my bliss to always be part of USST.

Shisia Brandley Okiya, Hujiang College

In 2013, when I first met Professor Xia Kun, I was fortunate to get his approval and join his laboratory to start the development of a 5G drone VR panoramic live broadcast system. This is the starting point of my dream. It laid the foundation for the company I founded later. Today, 7 years later, when he finished revising my master's thesis, we were filled with exciting emotions.

Li Han, School of Mechanical Engineering

In my college life, I am very grateful to all the classmates and teachers I met. Without you, I cannot reach the height of today. In the future, I will continue to work hard to improve myself and make myself better.

Tang Xi, School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering

We hope all of you will realize your dreams with the blessing of USST, the guidance of your teachers and the wishes of your classmates, and strive for a wonderful life. USST by the Huangpu River will always be your solid support and your warm home. We welcome you back home often!


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