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2020 Sino-German Cooperation Project Degree Conferral Held

July 7, 2020

On the afternoon of June 30th (Germany), 2020 Sino-German Cooperation Project Degree Conferral was held at Hamburg HAW: Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg. Frischgesell, director of Mechanical Department of Technology and Information, HAW, awarded the degree certificate to Zhu Siyun who majors in Mechanical Manufacture and Automation. Professor Beyer, head of the discipline of Machinery in Germany, Professor Gärtner and Porfessor Piskun, who instructs the discipline of machinery in Germany, witnessed the exciting moment.

Beyers, head of the discipline of machinery, looked back on the bits and bits of four years with students. He expressed his reluctance and expectation about students after their leave. As the only one student from Sino-German College who remains in Harmburg, Germany, due to the epidemic, Zhu extended thanks to all teachers in Germany on behalf of graduates at home. She noted that she would continue to be a friendly envoy between USST and HAW, for the cultivation of alma mater in return.” Professor Frischgesell awarded diplomats and degrees to all graduates and they took photos with each other.

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