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Young Faculty Members Make Historic Achievements in Shanghai Teaching Competition

July 15, 2020 | By Lu Wen | Copyedited by Zhang Liu

The 4th Teaching Competition for Young Faculty Members in Shanghai Universities, jointly organized by Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions, Shanghai Education and Health Work Party Committee and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, was held in Shanghai Normal University. 249 talented young teachers from 56 universities in Shanghai participated in the competition. Participants from USST are Zhai Mo from Hu Jiang College, Liu Hong from Business School, Shi Yu from School of Marxism, Li Yuhao and Zhao Chunyan from College of Sciences, and Jiao Guyue from School of Mechanical Engineering. Zhai Mo won the first prize in the program of Discipline of Humanities ; Shi Yu won the first prize in the program of Discipline of Ideological and Political Theory; Jiao Guyue won the second prize in the program of Discipline of Applied Science of  Natural Science;  Li Yuhao won the third prize in the program of Disciplines of Fundamentals of  Natural Science, and Liu Hong and Zhao Chunyan won the Excellence Awards in the program of Disciplines of Social Science and Disciplines of Fundamentals of  Natural Science. Zhai Mo and Shi Yu made a historic breakthrough. Both the awards bestowed to USST faculty members and the number of winners has set a new record.
In the competition, USST faculty members made a breakthrough in achievements.  More importantly, they set a good example for other faculty members to adhere to the principle of strengthening moral education and cultivating talents, and created an environment where faculty members would devote themselves to teaching. Moreover, they stimulate the passion of young teachers to update their educational skills and master modern teaching methods. Last but not least, those winners made unremitting efforts to improve education, and actively promoted the construction of the school to become a first-class university of science and technology with distinctive characteristics.

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