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Special Online Museum Tour Organized for Yucai Primary School in Jiangxi

August 11, 2020 | By Li Rui | Copyedited by Zhang Liu

Recently, a brand new patriotism education course was launched for Yucai Primary School in Poyang County, Jiangxi Province. There are 232 primary school students involved in the “Online Museum Tour” presented by volunteer teachers from Sino-British College of USST. It takes those children in mountainous areas to the National Anthem Exhibition Hall through a Cloud Platform.

“Never could I imagine visiting the Shanghai National Anthem Exhibition Hall in our classroom. And there are so many stories hidden behind the national anthem!” said Yang Tian and He Manli, who are in Year 5 at Yucai Primary School, and have the memorial booklets of the Exhibition Hall in their hands.

Yao Xinyi, who is the leader of the Aid Education Team of Sino-British College, was supposed to plan and prepare for the summer project in Poyang. However, it was not carried out as expected due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Suggested by Jin Jing, an instructor of the aid-education team, and with the support of USST and the Civilization Committee of Yangpu District, the project titled “Online Museum Tour” in the National Anthem Exhibition hall finally took shape in other forms.

In order to transport the children to the Shanghai National Anthem Exhibition Hall, Yao together with other team members and venue staff repeatedly polished their presentations, patiently adjusted shooting angles, and carefully devised the communication and interaction sections. “Compared with the offline aid-education, the online project is a great challenge for us, because we need to take into account many elements in live broadcasting and recording, but meanwhile it is indeed a new and beneficial attempt. Children can visit the National Anthem Exhibition Hall, learn and understand the history of the national anthem in their classroom in Jiangxi,” said Yao.

Zhu Yanfei works as a narrator of the National Anthem Exhibition Hall. She has made countless interpretations here, but it is the first time that she has met and communicated with primary school students online. “I am really happy that we can show the Exhibition Hall to Jiangxi children who are hungry for knowledge,” said she.
“Love and Hope” is the non-profit Aid Education Team from Sino-British College of USST. Since its establishment in 2012, there has been an aid education project in a remote area every summer holiday. Over the past eight years, the team has investigated four areas, helping more than 450 children and 100 families in need, and funded at least 40 students in extreme poverty.

“This online tour is just the first phase of the‘Online Museum Tour’ projects presented by the team. In the near future, the team will continue to explore new ways to improve and upgrade online aid education through other online tours to Museums, Science Halls and so on,” said Jin.

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