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USST-Yangpu Elementary Education Group Established

August 18, 2020 | By Chang Yibi | Copyedited by Zhang Liu

On August 6th, USST together with the Yangpu District People's Government held an inaugural meeting for the USST-Yangpu Elementary Education Group.

During the speech that Ding Xiaodong gave, he reviewed the mutual efforts made by both USST and Yangpu District for the development of local elementary education for more than a decade, and he specifically mentioned the big success and valuable experience that the High School Affiliated to USST was approved as the Shanghai Characteristic High School with both sides supporting. He expressed his thanks to Yangpu District for its continuous support to USST and to schools affiliated to USST.

He concluded that USST had reached innumerable achievements in talent cultivation, scientific research, platform building and results transformation since the school launched the project of building a high-level local university pilot, reaching a record-high in history. He pointed that all of these fruits would permeate down to the Yangpu Elementary Education Group in an all-round way, bringing new thoughts on engineering education in talent cultivation and bringing reforms to member schools, providing resources needed in teaching and scientific research, and promoting their brand influence. As he mentioned in his speech, the first phase of building a Smart Campus at USST had seen a remarkable success, and for the forthcoming phase, E-learning would be suggested as a base for creating a Smart Education Community between USST and member schools. At the end of his speech, Ding Xiaodong expressed his wishes that the target of USST is to be a first-class engineering university and would also act as a common guidance for all member schools, and USST will become a positive model in supporting elementary education, joining hands with all member schools to build a tightly-knit education group that closely links colleges, middle schools, primary schools and kindergartens through a “One Network”.

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