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USST Welcomes Freshmen to the Campus

September 10, 2020

“Welcome students all over the world to University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST)” against the red banner near No. 580 Jungong Road Campus, on a bright sunny day of Sep 10th, USSTers were thrilled to welcome more than 4000 incoming freshmen to the USST and to start their first day at this campus.

Volunteers composed of faculty and students, who were wearing USST T-shirts, assembled and set off at 7 a.m. to meet and welcome undergraduates with their warmest greetings. They answered questions, gave advice, guided the way and offered help to new students. “I am excited and honored to become a volunteer to see and help a lot of freshmen. Guiding students the way seems trivial, but my contribution was worth a lot as I thought,” said one junior student volunteer from Business school. The campus turned more vigorous as new comers queued up and then poured through the Jungong Road Gates. The Hujiang Campus was now filled with young laughers, excited chatters and collective vibe of cheers, embracing a new semester full of expectations.

Under regular pandemic prevention and control, to safeguard and aid each student, USST has mobilized human resources and made various emergency plans ahead of the time to help each student peacefully enter into the campus and smoothly complete their registration. In the meanwhile, despite the fact that foreign vehicles were not allowed to be driven in and parked inside, school specially and warmly arranged for some temporary shuttles to carry and transport students’heavy package to the dorm areas. In addition, some smart technologies added have also made it convenient for students to complete their admission procedure and get to scan USST landscape as quickly as possible.

For the majority of students, this is the first time that they have embarked on their independent days without parents’ company. Unlike previous years, freshmen have to do with their dorm affairs by themselves at the first day. In the coming days, they should learn about many new life skills and can get acquaint with a lot of friends all over the world.

For future USST life, new students give free rein to their imagination. Accompanied by her parents, a freshman named Hu Youyin from Anhui Province came to USST and was impressed by the large and pretty campus, “It’s lucky for me to be admitted to USST, such a more beautiful campus than I have ever thought. I hope to join in different clubs to enrich my experience and improve my professional knowledge and skills with diligence.” Some international students also begin their USST days. “This is my first time to Shanghai. Chinese people are kind-hearted. USST students and teachers are so nice who are always willing to help others with passion. I used to show much interest in Chinese cultures and now can have chances to see something more of what I have never heard at USST campus and Shanghai,”, said one foreign undergraduate named Alimamy who will major in communication engineering. Another one foreign student named Geraud pointed out that he expects to finish master’s degree at USST, during which he may get a lot and contribute a bit in terms of his major to his hometown and then strengthen the relationship between his country and China after he returns.

They all begin to build a dream and keep exploring and striving for it in hopes of fulfilling a complete four-year golden time.
“Around us are new guys,
at one of the most beautiful campuses are burning new dreams,
there are new opportunities mingled with challenges,
because there have unveiled a new chapter.”
No matter where you are from, USST will be new home to you and stands together in enriching your academic journey and personal development in the following four years.

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