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USST Student Wins the Title of “2019 Shanghai College Student of the Year”

September 18, 2020

Xiong Peiqi, an undergraduate from School of Mechanical Engineering, USST, has recently won the title of “2019 Shanghai College Student of the Year.” Xiong Peiqi explores the infinite possibility of university life with her undertaking and responsibilities, shaping a model for USST students.
Since the beginning of this year, facing the COVID-19 epidemic, Xiong Peiqi, as the League Branch secretary of her class, has actively launched the “Healthy Attendance, Active Learning, Epidemic Prevention and Control Campaign” in her class. “When the pandemic broke out, people were anxious about being quarantined at home, so we thought of clocking online, encouraging each other and working together to relieve the stress.”

The pandemic caused short necessary supplies. Xiong and her family made great efforts to distribute more than 200 face masks to people around them. She called all her relatives and friends and urged everyone not to spread or believe in rumors. With her encouragement and support, her uncle in Wuhan, Hubei Province, volunteered in advance to assist front-line medical staff. After receiving the notice of returning to school, Xiong immediately applied for epidemic prevention, assisting USST in making statistics and learning about students in pandemic-striken areas, and contributing her own strength to the epidemic prevention work. Led by Xiong, more than a third of the students of the class have joined in epidemic prevention and control, and one of them has won the praise from the local government. She also led her team members to publicize those heroes in harm’s way, made posters for frontline staff, and recorded the theme video of “Cheers for China.”
“The harder you work, the luckier you are” is Xiong’s motto. She also won the gold medal at the fifth China “Internet Plus” Competition, the third prize at Shanghai College Students’ Electronic Design Competition, and was awarded a member of Shanghai Excellent Communist Youth League. All of these achievements are due to her hard work.

With interest in electronic design, Xiong has joined the EE-CUSP Electronic Design Club and improved herself in competitions, mainly responsible for human resources coordination during the five-month preparation for the “Internet Plus” Competition. She often stays in the lab until 11 o’clock, sorting, adjusting and modifying materials and data again and again, and then hurries back to the dormitory near late night, tired out. But she often says, “I enjoyed the whole process of the competition. We worked as a team in an agreeable atmosphere, and benefited a lot from the combination of theoretical knowledge and practice.”

Xiong and her team attended and won the second prize in the College Speaking Contest, whose theme was “Meet each other, and create the future together. ” Later, as a college student speaker, she explored the development history of the electronic design discipline by describing the patriotism in electronic design.

During summer, Xiong is providing guidance for the first-year and seond-year students who will take part in the competition, helping them check the competition materials and sort out questions. “In my view, Peiqi is the spokesperson for ‘hard work’. In the past two years, she has participated in many academic activities and competitions. Through her continuous efforts, she has become the main member of the EE-CUSP club,” said Li Xiang, the first President of EE-CUSP Club

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