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USST Promotes the Employment through Cooperation with Taizhou

September 27, 2020 | By Zhuang Ziling | Copyedited by Zhang Liu

On the morning of September 24th, the launching ceremony of 2020 Taizhou Job Fair under cooperation in Shanghai and the first offline job fair for the class of 2021 of USST was held in the sports center.

In the welcome speech, Sheng Chun, Secretary of the CPC Committee of USST, pointed out that this event is another step of the talent cooperation strategy after the school of Medical Device Innovation and Transfer jointly which was established by USST and the Xianju County People's Government. Taizhou is “the capital of manufacturing”, while USST is the “Whampoa Military Academy of manufacturing”, and the cooperation between them can benefit each other and create opportunities for more talents.

Wu Lihui introduced the characteristics of Taizhou in his speech. This city, known as the “a port-industry-bay city ”, “a city of harmony and fusion” and “the capital of manufacturing”, is making every effort to build automobiles and parts, models and plastics, medicine and health and other industrial clusters with a value of 100 billion. This is a city that values talents. She said that she hopes that candidates will have in-depth discussions with recruiting units, and finally achieve a win-win result.

Subsequently, the Taizhou Attraction Workstation of USST was unveiled, which was the first one established by Taizhou in Shanghai. Then the leaders of Taizhou and USST jointly launched “2020 Taizhou Job Fair  in Shanghai " through the cooperation between USST and Taizhou. After the kick-off ceremony, the job fair, recruitment and training fairs among Taizhou enterprises, college graduates and post-doctors will be held separately.

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