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USST Students Achieve Grades in Fifth “Think Youth” Competition

October 15, 2020 | By Zhang Liu | Copyedited by William, Zhang Liu

Recently, the Results of the Fifth Think Youth - Shanghai International Digital Creation, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, hosted by Shanghai Municipal Education and Health Work Committee and Shanghai Municipal Education Comission, have been announced. Students from College of Communication and Art Design of USST have scored outstanding achievements, winning 11 first prizes, 14 second prizes, and 6 third prizes in the four categories of product design, animation, visual design, and environmental design respectively.

Organized by USST with the theme of the event focused on “New Ecology of Creation”, this competition aims to synthesize resources from different innovative industries, linking government, universities, young inventors, brand owners, factories, media and other circles together so as to develop innovative products, and create a new industrial ecology. The competition has attracted 24 universities, selected 639 outstanding works, and established an online demonstration platform to promote audience participation and interaction through a new integrated marketing model. It can be understood from the evaluation of these product designs that USST students pay attention to social demands, shore up market weakness, and create many high-quality works. They totally won 6 first prizes and 9 second prizes, ranking top among Shanghai Universities.
It is worth noting that from the perspective of the evaluation of the product designs, USST students’ works pay close attention to the needs of society, and make up for the market’s shortcomings from the bottom of the heart, for they have designed many high-quality works, and won 6 first prizes and 9 second prizes in total, ranking top among all the institutions of its kind in Shanghai.
In addition, USST students have also gained a lot in the fields of animation works, visual design and environmental design. “The Nine-Tailed Cat” and two other animation works have won the first prize.The award-winning works illustrate their thoughts about life and the times, inspire and enlighten viewers, attach great importance to truth, goodness, and beauty, which are rooted deep in people’s hearts, and reflect contemporary college students’ outlook for the times; the visual communication work “USST Campus Navigation APP Design” has won the first prize; the environmental design work “Beautiful Countryside Planning and Environmental Renovation Design of Sima Village, Pingyang County”, with “planning” and “renovation” as the theme highlighting the new-style planning of the old buildings, which is closely integrated into the current “beautiful rural construction” policy and the theme of the times, has won the first prize.

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