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Academician Yan Chuliang Appointed as USST's “Adjunct Professor”

October 26, 2020 | By Zhang Liu | Copyedited by Alex, Zhang Liu

On October 20th, Academician Yan Chuliang was appointed as USST’s "Adjunct Academician". The appointment ceremony was held in Room 243 at the School of Mechanical Engineering.

President Ding first extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Academician Yan Chuliang, who has agreed to join USST and then introduced to Yan the USST's school-running history and latest achievements in talent cultivation, innovation, entrepreneurship and business creation, discipline's construction. During the pandemic in particular, all faculty and students spared no efforts with high morale to sign the strategic cooperation agreements with such enterprises as Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd, and Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd to expand USST's circle of friends, drawing a lot of attention and receiving much care from Shanghai Municipal leaders. He also pointed out that the close cooperation between School of Mechanical Engineering and the team led by Academician Yan could promote the leapfrog development of USST disciplines focused on frontier cross-sectional studies of structural reliability of machine tools, vehicles and aircraft.

President Ding Xiaodong extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Academician Yan Chuliang

Vice President Wu Zhong gave basic details to those present about Academician Yan Chuliang, an expert in aircraft life and structural reliability in China, who has been engaged in relative scientific research for 40 years. He has put forward the aircraft economic life reliability theories, established the principle and compilation method of aircraft high-confidence median load spectrum, invented the calibration method and test technology of multipoint coordinated loading of the whole aircraft hovering in place and solved the problem of using one aircraft to carry out load spectrum measurement to predicate and extend the life for the aircraft group in China. The research results have been successfully applied to the life determination, life extension and the design of structural reliability of thousands of aircrafts, which made an important contribution to improve the service life of aircraft in service significantly and ensure flight safety.
President Ding presented Yan Chuliang the certificate of “Adjunct Academician”. Yan extended sincere thanks to the presentation. He pointed out that with a long history and distinct disciplinary features, USST carried out effective work in study of intelligent manufacture fields such as machine tools, vehicles. The appointment of Yan as “Adjunct Professor” of USST means an opportunity for them to contribute to introduction and recruitment of high-level talents, scientific and technological research, and national award declarations, help USST inherit its engineering features, and aim at the frontier of the disciplines and take the commanding heights of industry.

Academician Yan Chuliang addressed a speech at the presentation ceremony

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