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Nine USST Researchers Granted by Shanghai “Super Postdoc” Incentive Plan

December 15, 2020 | By Guo Yingqian | Copyedited by Alex, Zhang Liu

The review result of 2020 Shanghai “Super Postdoc" Incentive Plan from Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau was announced that 9 postdoctoral researchers of USST including Dr. Wan Zhengfen won the grants. USST scored record high in the number of granted postdoctoral researchers that doubled that of last year.
Aimed at attracting outstanding postdoctoral personnel with good scientific research potential, academic ethics and innovative ability to join in the postdoctoral team, Shanghai "Super Postdoc" Incentive Plan ensures and improves the personnel treatment in Shanghai in order to spur the innovation of young professional talents.
USST is committed to the strategy of talents strengthening universities, gives priority to the construction of postdoctoral team, and continuously improves the management systems for postdoctoral appointment, assessment, incentive and subsidy, providing policy support and system guarantees for the development of post-doctors. At present, a postdoctoral system with "Hujiang Postdoc" and "Postdoctoral teachers" as the main body while "Postdoctoral researchers" as secondary one, and a talent team with the outstanding young postdoctoral researchers has begun to take shape, gradually becoming the motivation for the scientific research and teaching. In the future, USST will continue to strengthen the construction of center for postoctoral studies as well as the introduction of postdoctoral researchers so as to cultivate a group of high-level innovative young sci-tech talents, pushing ahead the school reform and innovation, promoting connotative development, and advancing the construction of local high-level universities.

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