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USST Undergraduates Accomplished Great Results in SUETIAC

April 15, 2021 | By Zhang Liu | Copyedited by William, Zhang Liu

From March 26th to March 28th, the 10th Shanghai Undergraduate Engineering Training Integration Ability Competition (SUETIAC for short) as well as the 7th National Undergraduate Engineering Training Integration Ability Qualification Competition, sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Commission, was held at Tongji University. Under the guidance of instructors like Rao Qiming, Zhang Jingyang, and Yao Zhongjin, 8 teams from USST took part in the four competitions of potential energy-driven vehicles, thermal energy driven vehicles, intelligent robotics and intelligent UAVs. After the fierce competitions, USST teams won two special awards, three first awards and three second awards.

The SUETIAC is a grade-A disciplinary competition at national level held every two years. The competition was expanded from the traditional engineering basic track to “intelligent+” tracks and the virtual simulation track, covering thermal energy-driven vehicles, potential energy-driven vehicles, intelligent logistics handling (bridge structural design included), domestic waste intelligent classification, underwater pipeline intelligent inspection, and intelligent UAVs this year. 118 teams (made up of more than 400 students) from 16 universities participated in the competition. During the epidemic period, the teachers of the USST Public Experimental Center started to get our teams well prepared for the competition several months ago. After plan verification, structural design and other links, our teams finally reaped a bump harvest, winning another honor for USST.



Awarding   List

Intelligent Robotics

Grand   Prize

Hu   Jinhao, An Jiating, Ding Yifan, Gu Yifan

Second   Prize

Wu   Yiping, Liu Lian, Chen Shenghao, Lei Xinyue

Intelligent Logistics Handling

Grand   Prize

Wang   Jiadong, Cao Jinyi, Li Wenqiang, Gao Xia

First   Prize

Qu   Boyang, Yu Detao, Liu Yuxue

Potential Energy Drive Motor

First   Prize

Hong   Jiacheng, Yao Junran, Hua Yuting, Wu bozi

Second   Prize

Zhang   Li, Xue Zhanyang, Xue Bin

Heat Energy Drive MOtor

First   Prize

Hu   Enkai, Li Yan, Chen Chengjie

Second   Prize

Hu   Xiang, Zhang Tianrou, Sun Bowen

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