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USST Holds 2021 Sports Culture Festival and 2021 Track and Field Sports Meet

June 3, 2021

On May 18, USST kicked off its 2021 Sports Culture Festival and 2021 Track and Field Sports Meet on its south Jungong Road Campus. The opening ceremony was presided over by Vice President Zhang Hua.
The 16 teams from its constituent colleges and schools, all dressed in traditional costumes, entered the competition area in high spirits, accompanied by the inspiring music of the March of the Athletes. With measured steps and passionate slogans, the representatives of the teachers and students demonstrate USST people’s dynamic sports spirit and the school running features of each college or school, pass on the sports spirit, and present it as a present for the centennial anniversary of the founding of the CCP.
In his opening speech, Wu Jianyong, Secretary of the Party of USST, pointed out that sports not only signal the due meaning of a powerful and prosperous nation, but also constitute an indispensable part of the general public’s healthy and happy life. In recent years, USST has constantly innovated its ideas of physical education, and continuously deepened the reform. Therefore, USST’s physical education has been developing vigorously; the sports cultural atmosphere is increasingly favorable, and the effect of physical education is fully demonstrated. He hoped that students will participate in the sports meet with full enthusiasm and high spirits, aim higher, faster, and stronger, and fully enjoy the passion and happiness brought by sports.

Wu Jianyong, Secreatary of Party Committee of USST, addressed an opening speech

Zhang Hua, Vice President of USST, presided over the sports meet

At the opening ceremony, nearly 700 representatives of teachers and students performed some warming-up exercises, demonstrating the charm of traditional sports, and advocating the idea of national fitness before the young and energetic school cheerleading team also presented their wonderful performance.
The track and field sports meet consists of two categories, men’s and women’s. There are altogether a total of 15 individual events, and 3 team events. The events include the100-meter race, the 200-meter race, the 400-meter race, the 800-meter race, the 1,500-meter race and the 4 × 100- meter race, the Standing Long Jump, the One-Minute Rope Skipping, the Pull-up, the Long Rope Skipping, Solid Ball Throwing, the 50-meter Relay Race and so on.

In his closing speech, Sun Yuedong, President and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of USST, said that in recent years, USST has attached great importance to physical education, actively explored the reform of physical education teaching, constructed an educational system of comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetical and labour education, and created a new situation of school physical education. At the 2021 Sports Culture Festival, he expressed his hope that all teachers and students will bring their tenacious spirit of never giving up, being united and cooperative, and striving hard demonstrated in the competitions to their future studies, work, and life. In the name of struggle, they should add color to their youth and write the chapter of youth worthy of the times.

Sun Yuedong, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of USST, addressed a closing speech

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