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Chang Shuyue: Two SCI Papers Featuring the Structure of “Pig Nose”

January 27, 2022

Acquiring exam-free admission into Zhejiang University as the No.1 student of her major, publishing two SCI papers during her junior year in college, and winning numerous awards in competitions…These great achievements all belong to Chang Shuyue from School of Materials and Chemistry. She has always been eager in scientific research, later innovatively putting forward the idea of “pig nose” nanostructure based on which she conducted a series of experimental research and fully demonstrated her research capabilities.

Overcoming obstacles with an inquiring and open mindIt is not easy for even Ph.D. students to publish multiple SCI papers, but Chang Shuyue, still an undergraduate, made it. Supported by the cultivation of master’s supervisor system, freshmen and sophomores can also have access to different research orientations. Thanks to this, Chang found her research interest and joined the team led by Prof. Yu Dengguang; that was when she embarked on her research journey.
With the help of her supervisor, she innovatively put forward the idea of the nanostructure nicknamed “pig nose”. She said, “ In nature, this kind of sheath-separate-core structure, which is characterized by being combined in the same entity but being separated from each other or ‘accompanying but not adjacent’, is ubiquitous; famous examples include the blood capillaries and nerve endings within the muscles. Because the structure intriguingly resembles the pig nose, it is nicknamed “pig nose” nanostructure.”
The idea of “pig nose” structure didn’t come from pure imagination, but from solid academic research. When learning about structural graphs, Chang found there existed single-chamber structure, double-chamber core-sheath structure, double-chamber side-by-side structure, etc, but the structure of one sheath containing double cores that are completely separated from each other had not yet been brought up. After seeking advice from her supervisor, she engaged in related research. As a sophomore who had little knowledge about devices and instruments,  she modestly turned to teachers and seniors for help, getting to know about how to operate in the lab and step by step starting her research.

It was during the busiest year of school that Chang carried on her “pig nose” research. She got used to shuttling from classrooms to laboratory, and finally published her research achievements in Materials and Science. Later, she carried out a series of research in “pig nose” structure, and raised the research results to a higher level, combining the traditional targeted release (place-controlled) and sustained release (rate-controlled) for a three-stage drug controlled release. As the co-first author, she published a paper on SCI Tier 2 journals (top 20% impact factor); she also joined in the release of other two papers on SCI Tier 3 and 4 journals.
An excellent researcher and versatile student
In daily life, Chang Shuyue leaves no stereotyped impression on others that she would only bury her head in study. “At the first sight of Chang Shuyue, I thought she was a “straight A-lone student”, who, however, later during the Challenge Cup competition I gradually found an interesting fellow. She could always make a confident speech, well get along with other people and share her happiness and joys…all these personalities shaped the real her.”
In her leisure time, Chang goes running, raises dumbbell and practices karate. In addition, she takes an active part in voluntary activities such as orienteering and 10km elite races.
For two consecutive years, she took part in “Love Assistance” campaign in Changbai community of Yangpu District, in which she assisted the medics in clinical guidance, pandemic prevention and control, and answered questions for residents from the community. During the three-month practice, she learned about what local residents needed and tried her best to help. In a voluntary activity, she, a girl from Henan, specially learned Shanghai accent to better serve the local senior citizens.  
Racing against time and striving for the best
“Racing against time is her routine; efficiency has always been her principle.” Commented Ye Weichi, one of Chang’s classmates. Chang has a neatly arranged to-do list in which she writes down her daily plans such as previewing & reviewing, second language learning extracurricular reading, etc. When asked about tips on time management, she said, “Always make sure a specific short-term goal is set, and time not wasted.” Apart from everyday plans, she sets goals for different stages. In order to encourage herself, she would often “strategically” adjust the expectation, starting with the little things and being focused on anything at hand. Every time as she does so, she would achieve much more than expected.
“When making plans, I am prone to worry about disappointing the people around for not living up to their expectations. However, when I earnestly put everything into practice, it usually turns out to be beyond expectation. Actually, hard work should become a part of our life. In this new era of rapid development, we, as a young generation, must keep pace with the trend. If there is not a goal, just do anything you think is right and strive for the best!”
The instruments of the laboratory are witnesses of her research journey; notes neatly written down are marks of her growth. Chang Shuyue's four years of school tells everyone that it is through striving that our youth shines.

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