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Research Achievements Published by An OECE Student of Class 2019

September 14, 2022 | By Zhang Liu | Copyedited by William

Recently, Shi Shangxuan, a student of class 2019 from School of Optical-electrical and Computer Engineering published his latest research achievements “in Ramie Fabric Treated with Carboxymethylcellulose and Laser Engraved for Strain and Humidity Sensing”in an international academic journal: Micromachines (3.523,JCR-Q2).Shi Shangxuan was the first author; USST was the first unit; Dr. Sheng Bin was the corresponding author.
Wearable fabric sensors have attracted enormous attention due to their huge potential in human health and activity monitoring, human–machine interaction and the Internet of Things (IoT). Among natural fabrics, bast fabric has the advantage of high strength, good resilience and excellent permeability. Laser engraving, as a high throughput, patternable and mask-free method, was demonstrated to fabricate fabric sensors. In this work, the team developed a simplified, cost-effective and environmentally friendly method for engraving ramie fabric (a kind of bast fabric) directly by laser under an ambient atmosphere to prepare strain and humidity sensors. They used carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) to pretreat ramie fabric before laser engraving and gained laser-carbonized ramie fabrics (LCRF) with high conductivity (65 Ω sq−1) and good permeability. The strain and humidity sensors had high sensitivity and good flexibility, which can be used for human health and activity monitoring. This low-cost laser-engraving carbonizing method can be used in fabricating electronic components on natural bast materials on a large scale. The research project was granted by National Natural Science Foundation of China and Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai.
Since the second year at USST, guided by Sheng Bin, Shi carried out research in wearable fabric sensors, by working together with Liang Jiao and Qu Chenkai of the same class in Ultra-precision optical manufacture innovation team.
This journal focuses on significant and original works related to all aspects of micro/nano-scaled structures, materials, devices, systems as well as related micro- and nanotechnology from fundamental research to applications.

Linked to the paper: https://www.mdpi.com/2072-666X/13/8/1309/

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