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USST Holds Graduate Education Development Forum of Yangtze River Delta Higher Engineering Education Alliance

November 9, 2022 | By Zhang Liu | Copyedited by William, Zhang Liu

“How to interplay graduate education, congregate the advantages of educating people, make a pacesetter for the local talents?” To cope with these problems, the Joint Action Program for Graduation Education Development of Yangtze River Delta Higher Engineering Education Alliance (2022-2035) was issued. The program was initiated by graduate school of USST and then passed after being reviewed by heads of graduate schools of 5 memberships.
Mr Liu Ping, president of USST, delivered a welcome speech. The 20th National Congress of Communist Party of China provided fundamental guidance for the educational development, the sci-tech innovation and the talents cultivation. The work on graduate education should implement the spirit of the 20th national congress of PRC, should set its sights on the global frontiers of science and technology, national economic development, the major needs of the country, the health and safety of the people to improve the quality of graduate education. He hoped that they would unleash cooperative advantages of Yangtze River Delta Higher Engineering Education Alliance.
Shu Jinlong, director of Higher Education Department of Shanghai Education Commission, stressed in his speech that as China’s education highland, Shanghai, which has been serving as a vanguard and pioneer of reform and opening up and innovation, should forge ahead with enterprise and fortitude, and continue to break new ground, contributing more to the revolution and development of national graduate education. He hoped that universities and colleges among Yangtze River Delta could play its role in disciplinary construction, talents cultivation, scientific research and international cooperation, and expand large-scale, multi-from and wide-range cooperation between schools to accelerate the cultivation of cutting-edged talents for national development.

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