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USST Holds 2022 Sports Culture Festival and 2022 Track and Field Sports Meet

November 23, 2022 | By Zhu Hongda | Copyedited by William

On November 18, USST kicked off its 2022 Sports Culture Festival and Athletics Meet in the south area of Jungong Road Campus. Vice President Zhang Hua hosted the opening ceremony.
The players’ passion for sports dispelled the early winter rain, and the youthful energy they displayed made up the melody of the times. The National Flag Guards held high the bright Five-Starred Red Flag and marched past the podium. Then, accompanied by the exciting Athletes’ March, different groups of representatives from their respective colleges and schools entered in formation one after another. All of the players, full of vigor and vitality, valiant and heroic in bearing, were striding forward confidently, fully showing the pioneering and enterprising spirit of the  teachers and students of USST. The calm smile and firm and steady steps conveyed the vitality of youth; the loud and clear slogans and various ways of performance reflected the characteristics of the university. The competition classes and sports clubs representing the extension of physical education of the university also put on their respective performance at the opening ceremony.
Wu Jianyong, Secretary of the Party Committee, pointed out in his opening speech that USST insists on the simultaneous development of five kinds of education, namely, moral education, intellectual education, physical education, aesthetic  education and labor education, keeps deepening the reform of physical education and organizing a variety of collective sports activities, and the atmosphere of campus sports culture is increasingly intensified. In recent years, USST has continued to increase its investment in the construction of sports infrastructure, and in the next two years, the sports conditions in USST will be greatly improved, and the campus environment will become more beautiful.
The annual sports culture festival is not also an important part of the university’s sports life, but also a concentrative display of the spirit and comprehensive quality of the majority of the university’s teachers and students. Wu expressed his hope that all athletes would carry forward the spirit of struggle of self-improvement, and compete to their full capacity and with sportsmanship, and asked all the teachers and students to take the Sports Culture Festival as an opportunity to walk to the sunshine, walk onto the playground, enjoy the fun in physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, cultivate a sound character, temper the will, and maintain a good physical and mental state for the development of the university’s educational cause.
After the opening ceremony, the sports meet formally began with the sound of the first gunshot. On the sports field, the athletes demonstrated their respective skills and their sports spirit, whereas the cheering squad outside the field waved their flags and encouraged their players.
At the time when the whole nation are studying and implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the CPC, our university held the 2022 Sports Culture Festival and Athletics Meet to inherit the spirit of sports, to further promote the development of the university’s sports, to comprehensively promote the five kinds of education together, and to create a positive campus cultural atmosphere.

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