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USST Won Five Special Prizes in 12th Shanghai College Students Engineering Practice and Innovation Ability Competition

January 6, 2023 | By Zhang Liu | Copyedited by William, Zhang Liu

On Dec 17th, 2022, the 12th Shanghai College Students Engineering Practice and Innovation Ability Competition was held at Zhang Jiang Institute for Advanced Study, Shanghai Jiaotong University. USST students won 5 special prizes, 6 first prizes and 2 second prizes.
Hosted by Shanghai Education Commission, undertaken by Shanghai Jiaotong University, cooperated by Engineering Practice and Teaching Committee of Shanghai Higher Education Society, the competition focuses on field practice, underlines engineering features, constructs 9 kinds of games on 3 racetracks like new-energy vehicles, intelligent +, virtual reality, and attracts 135 teams of 18 Shanghai universities and colleges such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University, Shanghai University, and USST.
USST students enthusiastically signed up for the competition, and altogether 13 teams stood out from the school qualification, involving 7 games of 3 racetracks. The participants and instructors overcame the negative effects imposed by the epidemic. With concerted efforts from all departments and supports from school’s newly-built innovation and entrepreneurship base, all USST participant teams completed the offline games, and each team won the prize.
The engineering innovation competition ran through multi-level scenes varying from basic engineering quality to comprehensive innovation ability, especially observed students’ basic theory, fundamental knowledge, and the design, manufacturing and innovative capability of working out actual problems, stresses the comprehensive quality like engineering creativity, engineering innovation, engineering ethics and team work. USST will keep enhancing teaching and learning by different games, make rigorous efforts to build a comprehensive practice education platform that combines theory and practice, and integrates all disciplines to strengthen the development of college students’ engineering practice ability and innovative awareness, and improve the quality of innovative talents cultivation.

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