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13 Courses in USST Selected as First-class Undergraduate Courses for Shanghai’s Institutions of Higher Education

February 5, 2023

Recently, 13 courses in USST, including 1 offline course, 8 online and offline hybrid courses, 1 social practice course,1 exemplary English course, and 2 virtual simulation experimental teaching courses, have been selected as the first-class undergraduate courses for Shanghai’s institutions of higher education in 2021.Till now altogether 38 courses of USST selected as he first-class undergraduate courses for Shanghai’s institutions of higher education.
The university has strengthened top-level design and overall planning, formulated and implemented the First-class Undergraduate Action Plan, and taken active measures to promote the construction of the first-class courses, launch reform measures such as “five courses and one system”, whole-process assessment, honor projects, and scientific research project courses, and established teaching service platforms such as intelligent classroom and one-network learning, which greatly improves the high-level, innovative and challenging characteristics of undergraduate courses. In the future, the university will continue to strengthen curriculum construction and reform, give full play to the exemplary and leading role of first-class undergraduate courses, guide teachers to carry out curriculum and teaching reform, promote the integration of information technology and education and teaching, contributing to the construction of first-class majors with first-class courses, and comprehensively improving the quality of undergraduate USST‘s talent training.

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