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USST Won Shanghai Municipal Major Modern College of Industry Project

February 20, 2023

Recently, the College of Carbon Neutrality, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology was successfully approved as the second batch of Shanghai municipal major modern college of industry. This is another Shanghai municipal major college of industry built after the modern medical-engineering integration college of industry.
To meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education for the construction of the "double carbon" talent training system, the College of Carbon Neutralization, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology gives full play to its characteristics and professional advantages, takes the green and low-carbon development of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry as the guide, and satisfy the needs of "3+6" new industrial system in Shanghai, and makes every effort to establish the "Made in Shanghai" brand in the research,development, promotion and new talent training of energy-saving and low-carbon technologies, so as to motivate the green and low carbon development of the industry.
In recent years, our school gave high priority to the construction of modern industrial school, and made a series of achievements in cultivation mode of innovative talents, improvement in major construction, refinement of the industrial-education integration and coordinated education mechanism. Our school will continue to carry forward the school-running tradition of “focusing on the industry and combining industry, education, research”, implement the concept of "docking industry, transforming profession, and guiding employment", adhere to the people-oriented, industry-oriented, science and education integration, and innovative development, to cultivate the application-oriented, compound, innovative, and international talents who are urgently needed by the industry.

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