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Industry-university-research Cooperation Agreement Signed between USST and ZJEE

March 7, 2023

On March 3th, the signing of industry-education-research cooperation agreement and project docking and exchange between Zhejiang Province Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd and USST were held at USST.
Witnessed by Chairman Sun Haixiang, chairman and president of Zhejiang Province Environmental Engineering Co., USST President Ding Xiaodong and other guests present, Lin Yuanyuan, vice president and chief technology officer and Huang Yuandong, dean of School of Environment and Architecture, USST, signed the industry-education-research cooperation agreement. Then, during Sun’s speech, he expressed that both sides should seize this signing as a chance, and build mutual trust with solid work and fine cooperation. On a basis of complementary advantages, they can establish deeper cooperation mechanism, renew collaborative modes, for example, the establishment of coordinative innovation research institute opens Shanghai and neighborhood environmental industry market, and produces better socio-economical values. President Ding Xiaodong delivered a speech. He first extended warm welcome to the delegation led by Sun Haixiang and congratulations to the successful signing, and simply introduced the characteristic disciplinary construction and talents grooming and introduction that circles around the theme of bearing the mission of manufacture power, and advancing high-level university construction. He expressed that both sides should build industrial technical college, transferred classes into enterprises. Senior engineers served as the tutors for students, and cultivated outstanding engineers that serve national and local major demands, shaping a fine circulation and interaction mechanism of school-enterprise cooperation that promote the cooperation between both sides.
After the signing ceremony, both technical representatives and heads of the department carried out talks concerning common interest.

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