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Joint Project Made by IPC Ranks China’s top 10 Scientific Advances

March 24, 2023

The Ministry of Science and Technology’s High-Tech Research and Development Center unveiled China’s top 10 scientific advances on March 17. The groundbreaking research on femtosecond laser-induced nanophase separation and ion exchange, led by Prof. QIU Jianrong’s team at the Zhejiang University College of Optical Science and Engineering, with IPC of USST Involved in,  was included on the list.
Prof. QIU Jianrong and his colleagues discovered a new mechanism for the femtosecond laser-induced formation of micro/nano structures in complex systems. This study reveals the laws of femtosecond laser-induced spatially selective mesoscopic-scale phase separation and ion exchange and opens up new vistas for femtosecond laser-induced three-dimensional manufacturing. Academician Gu Min and his team members from USST has applied holographic technology to the nanocomposite material designed by Zhejiang University. With the combination of the wavefront compensation technology, these researchers have successfully illuminated the three-dimensional distribution of quantum dots through the control of the holographic light field. The dynamic stereoscopic color holographic display is achieved for the first time. In addition, focusing its sight on the national major strategic needs,    IPC has created infinite possibilities for nonlinear optical effects of perovskite materials  in the research of brain-inspired photonic chips based on AI photonics Technology.
Research paper titled “Three-dimensional direct lithography of stable perovskite nanocrystals in glass” was published in Science. The first authors of the paper were Dr. Sun Ke, College of Optical Science and Engineering, Dr. Tan Dezhi, Zhijiang Lab and Dr. Fang Xinyuan from USST.

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