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Eight Courses Approved as National First-class Undergraduate Courses

April 25, 2023

Recently, eight courses in USST, including 1 online course, 3 offline courses and 4 online and offline hybrid courses have been selected as the national  first-class undergraduate courses, at the top of list in Shanghai first-class undergraduate courses.

Types of Courses

Names of Courses


Online course

Book Pack Design

Tao Haifeng

Online and offline hybrid course

College Physics

Gu Zhengtian

Online and offline hybrid course

Engineering Thermodynamics

Li Ling

Online and offline hybrid course

Mechanical Design C

Ding Xiaohong

Online and offline hybrid course

Air Pollution Control Engineering

Huang Yuandong

Offline course


Sun Yingjun

Offline course

Overview of German-speaking Countries

Chen Qi

Offline course

Applied Optics

Zheng Jihong

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