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USST Students Score Higher Grades in China Collegiate Computing Contest

May 10, 2023

On May 6th, the awarding list of 8th was announced that in the national competition, 3 teams of USST won 1 second prize of national universities, 2 second prizes and 1 third prize in the team contest just after they won 1 first prize of Shanghai universities, 1 first prize, and 2 second prizes in the team contest in Shanghai, scoring higher in the total number and grades of awards.
China Collegiate Computing Contest-Group Programming Ladder Tournament is listed in Grade-A contest of National College Discipline Competition. The competition aims to re-examine the program design ability, data structure, and algorithm design application ability of the participating teams, and comprehensively reflect the overall level of program design teaching in each university through individual scores, team scores, and university scores. This competition was held on April 22nd, with 30 contestants from 3 teams of our school competing with other 16820 contestants from 1628 teams in 483 universities across the country, including Peking University, Zhejiang University, and Xi'an Jiaotong University. This fully reflects the level of our school's algorithm and program design teaching, and demonstrates the phased effectiveness of our school's computer teaching reform.
In recent years, the Public Experimental Center has adhered to the concept of "promoting education and learning through competitions, and integrating competitions with education", creating a discipline competition team for science and technology innovation workshops. It has collaborated with departments such as the School of Optical-electrical and Computer Engineering to cultivate a group of outstanding students of different majors and grades with outstanding practical abilities in algorithm and programming. Since 2023, the "ACM and Programming Team" of the Science and Technology Innovation Workshop of the Public Experimental Center has guided students to win 101 provincial and ministerial level and above awards in various programming competitions, including 89 class-A competitions. These outstanding achievements have condensed the efforts and sweat of the school, teachers and students, and played a positive role in improving the practical abilities of our students in algorithm and program design, as well as in the teaching reform of the "Five Courses and One System".

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