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USST Holds Opening Ceremony of Institute of Energy Materials Science

June 13, 2023

On June 12th, the opening ceremony of Institute of Energy Materials Science was held at Room 103, Advanced Manufacturing Building. President Ding Xiaodong, Academician Dou Shixue, dean of the institute of energy materials science, academician Liu Huakun, chief scientist of the institute and Sheng Chun, vice president and deputy secretary of party committee, USST, attended the meeting. The ceremony was presided over by Sheng Chun.Academician Dou was greatly thankful for the supports from USST after he joined in September of last year. He sincerely sent an invitation letter to well-known researchers at home and abroad to USST. He briefed the original aspiration, purpose, establishment and progress in high-level talents introduction of the institute, reflecting his belief in prominently improving disciplinary construction and world’s rank of USST. The long-term development strategy of the institute focuses on constructing a sustainable energy system made up of superconducting wind generator, advanced energy storage and green hydrogen energy, aiming to work out key problems of basic science and applied technologies in some fields to serve the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals of China.
Sheng Chun announced the building of USST’s institute of energy materials science. Ding Xiaodong and Dou Shixue unveiled the nameplate, witnessed by guests present at the ceremony.
The signing ceremony for Prof. David Cardwell, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and Vice Chancellor of Cambridge University and Prof. Jong-Beom Baek of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology was also held. Two researchers extended sincere thanks to being appointed by USST. They both expected to push ahead the scientific communication and collaboration in the field of new energy between USST and their organizations.
Finally, Ding Xiaodong sent a congratulatory letter to the opening ceremony of the institute and appointment of Prof. David Cardwell, Prof. Jong-Beom Baek and deputy deans. He stressed that the opening ceremony of the institute of Energy Materials Science is more an all-round, comprehensive strategic action for the school than building an institute. He hoped that the institute could implement new philosophies, explore new mechanism, striving to build a high-level platform of technological innovation, science and education integration and open and the exchange, making outstanding contributions to the development of related disciplines and the boosting overall strength of USST.

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