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Chief Accountant Zhao Ming Visited Many Famous Scientific Research Institutions and Universities in Spain and Italy

November 15, 2023 | By ISO: Pan Tao | 张柳

From October 29 to November 5, Zhao Ming, Chief Accountant of USST, led a delegation to visit Spain and Italy, and paid visits to the Institute of Mathematical Sciences of Spain, the Spanish National Research Council, the Barcelona Technology School, the University of Florence, Italy, and the Viterbo Academy of Fine Arts, Italy, and signed the relevant international cooperation agreements, and the relevant persons in charge of the College of Communication and Art Design, the College of Science, and relevant persona from the International Affairs Office accompanied the delegation.
During their stay in Spain, the delegation firstly visited the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (ICMAT), and reached an agreement with Dr. Javier Aramayona, Director of ICMAT, and Prof. David Rios, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Spain, in the joint scientific research, the joint cultivation of doctoral students, and the visit of teachers, etc., and Prof. David Rios was awarded the letter of appointment of the Development Strategy Advisory Committee of the Business School of USST. ICMAT established in 2010 by the Spanish National Research Council in collaboration with the three Spanish public universities, the Autonomous University of Madrid, the Carlos III University of Madrid, and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, is a leading international institution of excellence in research, focusing on high-quality mathematical research as well as interdisciplinary research.

Soon after the delegation visited the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), the largest public institution dedicated to research in Spain and the third largest in Europe, with the main objective of developing and promoting scientific and technological progress. Isabel Diaz, Vice President of International Cooperation of CSIC, warmly received the delegation from USST. Two sides had in-depth exchanges, pragmatically discussed the common issues on high-level scientific research cooperation, faculty development and future cooperation plans, and reached the intention of signing the Memorandum of Cooperation between USST and CSIC.

Afterwards, the delegation visited Barcelona Technology School in Spain, which enjoys a good reputation in the field of engineering and science and technology and has made outstanding achievements in research in the field of digital transformation. Both sides had in-depth exchanges and discussions on student summer programs, joint cultivation of talents and research work, and compromised that further exchange of actionable programs would be carried out.

During its stay in Italy, the delegation first visited the University of Florence, which was founded in 1321 and is a brand-new Italian public comprehensive university with an ancient history. With 12 faculties and about 60,000 students enrolled, it is one of the most modern institutions of higher education in Italy. The University of Florence offers 104 Bachelor's Degree programs, 102 Master's Degree programs, 6 Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree programs, and 110 Doctoral Degree programs, and in 1999, the University of Florence was awarded by the European Union as a "European Centre of Excellence in Research and Teaching", in recognition of its professional contribution to teaching in the process of European integration. USST delegation had an in-depth communication with the relevant persons in charge and professors of the School of Architecture, Design and Art of the University of Florence, and visited the Industrial Design Laboratory, and reached an intention of cooperation on the summer program for students and scientific research cooperation in the fields of industrial design, product design, urban renewal and so on.

Finally, USST delegation visited Viterbo Academy of Fine Arts, Italy, and had an in-depth discussion with Luigi Sepiacci, President of Viterbo Academy of Fine Arts, and other management personnel on the promotion of scientific research cooperation between the two universities and joint cultivation programs, and signed a memorandum of inter-university cooperation between the two universities. Viterbo Academy of Fine Arts is a famous art school in Italy, which is ranked among the top ten art schools in Italy, offering undergraduate and master's degree programs in fine arts, design and media, etc. Viterbo Academy of Fine Arts is one of the members of the European Union of Schools of Fine Arts, and one of the members of the European Union's Socrates-Erasmus exchange student program, and has established friendly and close cooperative relationships with colleges and universities in London, Barcelona, Berlin and other European cities. Most of the teachers of Viterbo Academy of Fine Arts come from the top designers, painters, art masters, sculptors and so on in Italy, Europe and even the whole world, and they have cultivated countless artists, designers and painters for countries all over the world.

In order to enhance the high-quality connotation development of international exchanges, to serve the requirements of high-level construction and high-quality talent cultivation, to raise the level of international cooperation and to expand the content of cooperation, through this visit, USST successfully expanded its international cooperation with the top scientific research institutes, colleges and universities in Spain and Italy.

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