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Professor Gu Min Wins Shanghai Magnolia Silver Award

December 5, 2023 | By IPC | Copyedited by William, Zhang Liu

Fifty expatriates from fifteen countries were honored with this year’s Shanghai Magnolia Silver Award on December 3rd, in recognition of their remarkable contributions to this vibrant city. Professor Gu Min, the Executive Chancellor of the University Council and the Dean of Institute of Photonic Chips, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) was one of the award recipients.

At the awards ceremony, Kong Fu'an, director-general of the Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office, expressed his gratitude to expatriates, saying that they are much more than witnesses to the city's development, they are in fact important and active participants and contributors.
Professor Gu formally joined USST as a full-timer in May of 2019, together with his team. In the past four years, he has focused on the strategic needs of the construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center and undertaken a number of major national and Shanghai scientific research projects. Aiming at building a faster, greener and safer future with on-chip photonic artificial-intelligence, he established the Institute of Photonic Chips at USST and aspires to realize the layout of optical artificial intelligence and disruptive technology transformation.
In order to promote high-level independent innovation, Professor Gu enthusiastically promotes the exchanges and collaborations with overseas scientific research institutions such as Oxford University, Max Planck Institute of Light Science in Germany, University of Trento in Italy, Australian National University, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and National University of Singapore, etc. in the field of cutting-edge science and technology.

The Shanghai Magnolia Silver award is granted by the municipal government to recognize expatriates who have made outstanding contributions to the social and economic development of the city. The award, taking its name from Magnolia, floral emblem of Shanghai, has been presented since 1989, once a year. This year’s recipients are  around the world, namely, Armenia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, Romania, Singapore, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States, and they stand out in various fields such as from commerce, finance, technology, shipping, health care and culture.

Linked to Shanghai Daily news: https://www.shine.cn/news/metro/2312036405/

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