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Spanish Academician David Rios Insua Appointed as USST Adjunct Professor

January 8, 2024

On January 4, David Rios Insua, President of the Spanish Research Committee for Mathematical Sciences, and Academician of the Royal Spanish Academy of Sciences, was appointed as an adjunct professor of USST, and the ceremony was held in Yates Hall. President Ding Xiaodong issued a letter of appointment for him, and relevant persons from Human Resource Department, International Affairs Office and Business School attended the appointment ceremony, which was presided over by Vice President Cai Yonglian.
At the appointment ceremony, President Ding Xiaodong warmly welcomed Academician Insua to USST and introduced the history and culture, talent cultivation, scientific research and international exchange activities of USST. Academician Insua is an international authoritative expert in the field of management science, and has made a series of fruitful achievements in management science and other related fields, and has made important contributions to the promotion of Sino-European scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges and talent cultivation. In October of 2023, USST sent a delegation to visit the Spanish Research Council for Mathematical Sciences, where Academician Insua works, and the Spanish National Research Council, and reached an agreement on the promotion of scientific research cooperation, joint cultivation of doctoral students, faculty visits and other aspects. The appointment of Academician Insua as an adjunct professor of USST will play a great role in further improving our university running level, academic discipline construction and international influence.
Academician Insua expressed his gratitude to the warm reception of our university and reviewed the previous cooperation between the two sides. In March of 2023, Academician Insua was formally appointed as a member of the Strategic Development Advisory Committee of USST Business School, to give advice and guidance on the development planning, discipline construction, scientific research, etc., and to carry out cooperation and exchanges in the areas of academic research of young teachers and the establishment of platforms for international scientific research projects, etc. He said that in the future, he will strive to make new contributions to the development of USST and promote the cooperation between the two sides in talent cultivation, scientific research, academic exchanges and other aspects to a new level.
After the meeting, Academician Insua visited Hujiang International Cultural Park and paid a site visit to the Business School, and carried out an in-depth exchange with teachers and students on the specific future cooperation and development plan.

Related: The Spanish Research Council for Mathematical Sciences (ICMAT) is a comprehensive academic research institute founded in 2010 by the Spanish National Research Council in collaboration with three Spanish public universities (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, and Universidad Complutense de Madrid), and it is a leading international institute of excellence focusing on high-quality mathematical research as well as interdisciplinary research. The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) is the largest public institution dedicated to scientific research in Spain and the third largest in Europe, with the main objective of developing and promoting scientific and technological progress.

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