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Wang Li: Youth Goes through History Tunnel to Future

March 25, 2024

“While writing on the history of my hometown, I feel harvested with strong emotions to tell my students about how I experience the development of the hometown’s transportation.” Talking about Wang Li, Xu Mingchen, a student from School of Foreign Language is impressed a lot and recalls the moment at a flipped class.

Collision of Minds between Designer and Lead Actor
“A teacher should act as a designer, whereas students can become a lead actor. The well-prepared teaching procedure can help students link the knowns with the unknowns, stimulate their interest, and guide them to think actively and find out the answer." In her class, teachers and students interact more often, enlighten each other and grow together. Wang Li points out that the course of history cannot be limited to history itself, but based on historical truth, the addition of historical knowledge and insight, help students to construct the independent and complete historical system and concepts of values.
Speaking about the history class, Xu Mingchen points out that Teacher Wang puts emphasis on the development of their critical creativity and independent thinking. “A knowledge point stimulating our interest, we will naturally raise some questions, make explorations and voice our opinions.” She still often instructed us to observe each bit of life from the perspective of history and probe into changes in everything.

Historical Practice full of Local Characteristics
In practice class, dressed as a guide, Wang goes out with her students, to the former residence of Mao Zedong, exotic building clusters, Yangpu riverside public space and so on. Precious revolutionary classics, dignified historical materials and restored historical scenes enhance students’ understanding of arduous journey and honored achievements.
After classes, Wang pays much attention to the exploitation of historical cultural resources, encourages students to act before thinking in various historical scenes filled with local characteristics, arming herself with widened horizon to learn and perceive the history in walking classes.
"Once building relationship with history, we will actively retrieve and get to know the story of the location, with the sense of patriotism and responsibility welling up in our mind. Finally, with what we have got in practice, we shared with students the gains and perceptions."

Baton Taken from Seniors
Besides classes, Wang is often engaged in different teaching contests. Talking about why she sticks to the contest, she points out that the teaching contest bridges an interactive platform for all participants nationwide. Each participant teacher has his own teaching features and uniqueness, providing a new insight for my follow teaching.  
Behind the honor,  the“baton”of seniors fills Wang with confidence and a sense of safety. “My instructor Chen Ruifang, a senior teacher, not only helps me to practice basic skills but also inspires me with her seriousness. Among many teaching contests, Youth Teaching Contest is a long process. With supports from Jin Yaomei, Niu Hai, Liu Ke, Shi Yu, Wang Haibin, Guo Gen, Zong Lining, my course is full of logical thinking, valuable experience and rich skills,” said Wang who casts her eyes at more than 200 thousand words, expressing much gratitude to her colleagues.

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