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Academician of the Norway Academy of Engineering Visits our School

September 4, 2019

On the afternoon of August 13, Prof. Rong Chunming, the Academician of the Norway Academy of Engineering paid a visit to USST along with Xu Ting, the Dean of Zhongke Huashu Research Institute of Information Technology, Zhou Dongxiang, the Deputy Secretary-General of Shangxi Research Institute, Liu Jiangxian, the Vice Director of Melting Media Center of Radio and Television Shanghai. The President of USST, Ding Xiaodong and the Vice President of USST, Liu Ping met with them at the French Cultural Center of Shanghai International Cultural Park. Heads of relevant departments and some leaders from the School of Optical-Electrical and Computer Engineering (OECE) were also present at the reception.

Ding Xiaodong gave a warm welcome to Rong Chunming, and introduced the history, features, the disciplinary strengths, the latest developments, scientific achievements,  and the international collaboration in scientific research and education. Liu Ping introduced the development of the “Medicine-Engineering” project and the “AI Plus” project and USST’s collaboration with these enterprises. Rong Chunming introduced his research achievements in big data, cloud computing, security piracy and regional chain and their application in data management.

Rong Chunming visited the Super Computer Center of USST and had deep talks with faculty representatives of OECE in Room 104 of the new OECE Building. Yang Hui, the Deputy Dean of OECE, introduced the basic conditions and the latest developments of OECE. Prof. Peng Dunlu, the Director of Computer Science and Engineering, introduced the development of computer science and scientific research at our school.

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