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Students from College of Communication and Art Design Win a First Prize in National Book Editing and Higher Institutions’ Editing and Printing Ability Competition

April 15, 2020

Recently, the 3 teams made up of USST faculty and students from Editing & Publishing Science, a construction site of national cutting-edge undergraduate majors, entered the final stage at the 7th “Taofen Cup” National Book Editing and Higher Institutions’ Editing and Printing Competition, and won a first prize, a second prize and a third prize respectively, so they were commended by the National Press and Publication Administration of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China.

The Editing & Publishing Science of USST has long carried out IUR (Industry-University-Research) cooperation, and placed emphasis on hands-on competence and practical ability. To seize competition opportunities, they have actively established some competition teams, organized the campus competition, and selected 5 from the 29 works from the campus competition for the National Preliminary Competition. After the blind reviews of the professional judges in the the preliminary competition and the final competition, works like Old Houses, Stories about Old Tickets, Back to the Three Gorges in a Dream entered the National Final Competition. Set in the 70-year social, economic and cultural development after the founding of PRC, the 3 works all focus on the people and things around us, and great changes in the houses, the tickets and the Three Gorges, reflecting the economic development, social progress, as well as deep feelings for the land and the people. The 3 works all adopt the ideas of H5 interactive electronic books. Unique in topic design, structure, plot, interaction design, and arts demonstration, they are all original designs, original paintings or original works completed by our team members.

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