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A Senior Student from College of Science Releases Research Results in Organic Chemistry

June 29, 2020

On June 11th, Li Jincan, a senior who majors in Chemistry from College of Science published a high-level paper titled “Ni-Catalyzed Denitrogenative Cross-Coupling of Benzotriazinones and Cyclopropanols: An Easy Access to Functionalized β-Aryl Ketones” in top journal Organic Letters (IF= 6.55).

In this study, Li Jincan first discovered a new denitrogenative cross-coupling reaction between benzotriazinones and cyclopropanols catalyzed by simple nickel complex, furnishing a facile access to the valuable building block of β-(o-amido)aryl ketones. This neoteric reactivity allows for the convenient synthesis of β-(oamido)aryl ketones from readily available starting materials with good yields (up to 93%) and general substrate scope. In addition, Li also investigated the reactive mechanism by means of free radical trapping and deuterium labeling.

Directed by associate professor Li Wanfang, Li Jincan began his project research in Jan of 2019 and finished his graduation paper. Besides, Zheng Yan, a sophomore from the same project team, also engaged in the project. The research is also founded by Youth Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China and supported by the “Clinical Medicine and Organic Catalysis of Nano-meter Materials” led by Professor Huang Mingxian.

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