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USST Puts Achievements on CIIF Display

September 22, 2020 | By Shanghai Daily | Copyedited by Zhang Liu

Over 700 innovation programs developed by 69 universities from China and abroad are on display at the 22nd China International Industry Fair in Shanghai.
The programs include breakthroughs in areas such as fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, industrial automation, advanced equipment, artificial intelligence, robotics, electronic information, medicine, software, environmental protection, new energy and new materials.
The fair has a special zone for universities to show their innovative achievements and contributions to the fight against COVID-19. A total of 29 universities are showcasing 49 anti-pandemic programs, among which programs presented at the fair included a naked-eye 3D system developed by a team led by Professor Song Xiaoyan from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST). The screens they created can trace eyesight and automatically ensure users see videos with 3D effects all the time.
According to Song, screens can be made in tailored sizes for different purposes, such as watching movies, education or training. They can also be used in surgery so doctors can clearly see with microscopes. In the future, with 5G technology improved, they are expected to use in remote medical services.

Source from Shanghai Daily: https://www.shine.cn/news/metro/2009156118/


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