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Prof. Li Baoguo from School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering Won 2020 "Shanghai Industry-University-Research Cooperation Excellent Project Award"

December 29, 2020 | By Lu Wen | Copyedited by Zhang Liu

Recently, Shanghai Industry-University-Research Cooperation Excellent Project Award was held in the Jianghai Hall of the Political Consultative Building. The project "Solar Valley Power PCM Energy Storage Heating System" co-founded by Shanghai Zhuneng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., and created by Professor Li Baoguo from the School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering, alumni Dr. Su Shuqiang and Dr. Xiao Honghai won the third prize.
The project aims to develop new systems for energy conservation, emission reduction, and reduction of air pollution for heating. The air-type phase-change heat storage solar collector was invented, which completely solved the problems of water leakage, water tank scaling and corrosion, and freezing and cracking in the severely cold northwestern region. The valley electricity storage heating system was invented, realizing the perfect combination of valley electricity heat supply and energy storage.
The seriation of "Xuanfeng" solar heat storage and valley electricity heating systems were developed,which obtained 57 authorized national patents, and took the lead in participating in the formulation of the country’s 6 standards. The comprehensive technology has reached aninternational advanced level. The results have been applied to border posts in Xinjiang, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia, school hospitals and municipal heating projects in Beijing and Tianjin. The energy saving and environmental protection effects are prominent.
Experts commented that the outstanding feature of the project's industry-university-research cooperation is "students start a business on their own, and the alma mater escorts them." Schools help companies solve technological problems, and companies cooperate with schools to train students for mutual benefits. This case of industry-university-research cooperation provides important inspiration for students' entrepreneurship.
"Shanghai Industry-University-Research Cooperation Excellent Project Award" was established in 2009 by Shanghai Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Promotion Association and Shanghai Education Development Foundation. It was approved by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and was currently the only award set up in Shanghai for industry-university-research cooperation.


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