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Zheng Zhenhua from School of Communication and Art Design Published High-level SSCI Papers

January 11, 2021 | By Hu Xinyun | Copyedited by Zhang Liu

Zheng Zhenhua, who is a  teacher of the Department of Environmental Design, School of Communication and Art Design, published a high-level academic paper entitled "Age sequences of the elderly's social network and its efficacies on well-being: an urban-rural comparison in China " in a top journal BMC Geriatrics (SSCI Area Ⅰ, ISI-JCR Index, impact factor: 3.077) as the first author. The journal is one of the top journals in the field of social environment and geriatrics. It is also the third paper of  Area Ⅰ,SSCI published by Zheng Zhenhua as the first author.
This paper is based on  2020 humanities and social science planning project of the Ministry of Education entitled "Research on the impact mechanism of community environment on the health of the elderly in the perspective of active aging" (20YJAZH140) presided over by Zheng Zhenhua himself. Based on the interdisciplinary research, descriptive statistical analysis and structural equation model (SEM) were used to make a group comparison between the urban and rural elderly of different age groups. All data are quoted from the China Longitudinal Aging Social Survey (CLASS). The survey adopted the multi-stage probability sampling method, targeting Chinese senior citizens aged 60 and above, the ultimate samples totaled 9523. This paper analyzes the characteristics of social networks of the elderly in urban and rural areas of China, and deeply compares the differences in the impacts of social networks on the psychological welfare of the elderly. The paper concludes that it is also necessary to pay attention to construct and optimize the environment for socializing, and actively create and cultivate a good atmosphere of social interaction, in order to expand the scale of friend network of the elderly.

Seizing the historical opportunity of high-level university construction, the school of communication and art design attaches importance to the construction of talent echelon, and attracts a pool of talents focusing on the discipline frontier. In the past two years, the doctors newly introduced into the college have wontwo national social science funds, three Shanghai philosophy society projects and one Ministry of Education Humanities and social science planning project, reflecting the college's achievements in related disciplines and the school's continuous efforts in the field of Humanities and social sciences.

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